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What every fighter should know about the antitrust settlement, pt. 1 | Ep. 65

What every fighter should know about the antitrust settlement, pt. 1 | Ep. 65

We've gone through the antitrust suit and settlement from top to bottom, including a tip on making sure you get your settlement money.

Over the last couple weeks, filings from the settlement in the UFC antitrust case have been made available, so we figured this would be a great time to do a complete rundown of the antitrust case and its settlement, but this time, it’s geared towards the fighters aka the Plaintiffs. We’ve addressed a variety of topics to help fighters understand the case, the settlement, the two classes and who is a member of each, what kind of money they can expect from the settlement, and most importantly, how they can ensure they get their checks/wire transfers.

Follow along with our outline as you listen. This was a long episode, so we broke it in half. Part 2 will air on Thursday. Both parts will be free because we believe it’s important to get this information to the athletes. Please share it far and wide and don’t forget to subscribe.

  • A brief summary of the lawsuit and the allegation against the UFC

  • Important events that still need to happen to make this official

  • What was included in the settlement?

  • What did the fighters get out of this?

  • How much do the attorneys get?

  • What are the two classes?

For additional information, including any updates relating to the Settlement or the Settlement approval process, visit:


Toll-free number: 1-866-955-5564

You may also write to the Class Action Administrator by mail:

UFC Fighter Class Action
c/o Class Action Administrator
1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210, Philadelphia, PA 19103

or email:


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